IRRIGEX will be a place where the industry can network with peers and experts, whilst buyers will be able to easily source products, new suppliers, services and advice, leaving IRRIGEX more knowledgeable and better equipped to run their land and businesses.

This is the UKIA's annual conference, which will run as part of the, already successful, FLOODEX UK, which has the support of the Association of Drainage Authorities. FLOODEX UK already attracts large numbers of top quality visitors from Internal Drainage Boards, local authorities, landowners, engineers and contractors, complementing the IRRIGEX profile.


The UKIA is the only independent organisation representing irrigation in the UK. They are a voice for irrigation in the debate over the future of UK's water resources; the UKIA advocates the wise use of water in agriculture, in amenity and in sports and leisure, supporting good irrigation design and management practices.

Irrigated agriculture is important in the UK's rural economy. More than a thousand agri-businesses, large and small, depend on irrigation to supply high quality fresh fruit and vegetables to the nation's supermarkets - arguably one of the most sophisticated markets in the world. Irrigated agriculture employs over 50,000 people and annually contributes over £3bn to the rural economy.

Irrigation is also important in the urban environment - keeping sports turf in peak condition for play and providing high quality amenity and leisure facilities.

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